The One and Only Surfaquarium

Walter McKenzie is a trusted voice in education; learning, technology and human potential. His groundbreaking work on the instructional applications of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence's theory and its use in technology media selection continues to inspire educators everywhere as the learning revolution takes place in schools around the world.

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The Surfaquarium showcases more than thirty years of Walter's work in education: learning, teaching, writing, speaking, and sharing with educators and the students with whom they work. His work in administrative and instructional technology, including online postgraduate professional learning, provides him with unique experiences and insights.

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  • Multiple Intelligences

    Dive into the important work of Dr. Howard Gardner and how it relates to learning at all levels in how we live, learn, work, play, create and contribute to our global society and to our children's future.

  • Published Work

    Immerse yourself in Walter's written work, including books, articles and blog posts, exploring the many implications for multiple intelligences theory and its use in empowering all learners to realize their full potential.

  • Collaboration

    Explore the many ways you can interact with Walter, both online and off, in discussing the many ways multiple intelligences theory can be applied in your personal learning and your professional work.

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Take a deeper dive into Walter's background and experience as an educational practitioner and as a thought leader in the quickly changing fields of education, human potential and technology.

Thought Leadership

Walter's most recent blog, addressing thinking on current trends in education and the ongoing shift to personalized learing focused on real world applications of learning and the creation of new bodies of knowledge.

Looking Ahead
Walter's long-standing blog on ASCD EDge, pushing the envelope on hot topics in education, and challenging educators to think beyond the conventional and serve as active participants in transforming education.

The Whole Child
Walter's contributions to ASCD's Wole Child Blog, advocating for all children to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged in rceiving an education that prepares them to contribute as good global citizens.

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Surfaquarium Initiatives!

Beginning with his project announcing 2011-2020 as the Decade of Educational Transformation (d.e.t.) and 2015 as the Year of the Teacher, Walter is an ever-present champion for educators everywhere, speaking as a respected voice among peers and colleagues, while also advocating for what is best for children.

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More recently, with the crafting of his Socratic Oath for Educators and his MI21 project preparing children for the global knowledge economy, Walter continues to be a proponent for emerging literacies and new ways of being productive in contributing in the 21st century workplace, and as citizens of a truly global community.