HOT TOPIC: Blended Families
Volume 2, Issue 14 - December11, 2005

"Blended families have become more and more a part of the landscape of society over the past thirty years. Whether adopted families, foster families, or families where marriages have ended and re-marriages to new partners have occurred, the reality of moms, dads and children all coming together into one home has become commonplace. And blending is the perfect metaphor, as each member of the newly formed family mixes in their own needs and personalities into what becomes a unique family in its own right.

Forming a blended family is not easy. For parents, there is the tenuous task of negotiating roles as caregiver, nurturer, role model and disciplinarian for new additions to their home. In remarriage after divorce, this includes trying to maintain the security and stability for their own children as they learn to accept a new mom or dad. For the children, there is that sense of loss of their family of origin and the confusion of coming to terms with having new parents who are assuming the role of mom and/or dad. It can be a very emotional, difficult time for everyone involved.

Still, there is nothing nobler in all of life than adults and children who care for one another coming together to form a happy home in this world. And when a family blends successfully so that everyone finds their place, feels secure and fulfills their needs, it can be as viable as any other family structure in society. As educators, it is helpful to have access to significant online resources to share and support members of blended families. To this end, I offer the recommended links below on becoming a happy, functional blended family."


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