HOT TOPIC: Preparing for College
Volume 2, Issue 5 - October 2, 2005

Raising a child from birth to adulthood is one of true great challenges of life. There is the goal of raising each child to be a happy, productive member of society, and there are the numerous worries and responsibilities that come with aspiring to that goal. This doesn’t even include consideration for the costs associated with raising a child add up over the span of twenty years. All told, successfully raising a child is the greatest achievement any of us can hope to accomplish in our life’s time.

For any children, at the end of youth serving as a bridge to adulthood is the college experience. College life not only prepares students intellectually and professionally, but also personally and socially for the many challenges of functioning as an adult independently of mom and dad. Choosing the right college for your child is an important decision; one that requires all the information you can gather on every aspect of what different academic institutions have to offer.

To this end I have gathered the best online resources for preparing for college in this week’s D12. Because all of these resources are geared for high school students, I have devised a special Offerings Scale specifically for this issue. O = the site offers an overview of information. L = the site offers recommended links on specific college topics. S = the site offers services that assist families in planning for college. P = the site allows users to create online portfolios through which they can save and track resources they gather online. I hope you will find this collection of 12+ sites useful as you assist your family and others in preparing for this important decision in every student’s life!


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