Consider the possibilities for your classroom as your students evaluate, design and develop inventions!
Consider the project tasks by intelligence:

  • Evaluate inventions based on established criteria
  • Plan an original invention
  • Develop tests for your invention to complete
  • Sketch a design of an original invention
  • Observe your invention's functionality during test trials
  • Take a digital picture of your invention to post on the project site
  • Build a prototype of your invention
  • Construct a working model of your invention
  • Conduct tests of your invention
  • Identify components of successful inventions
  • Build an invention that utilizes different components working in consort
  • Find patterns in results of invention test data
  • Determine criteria for evaluating inventions
  • Consider current consumer needs in the market place
  • Identify inventions that could be successfully marketed
  • Evaluate inventions seen on American Inventor as a class
  • Collaborate with others in brainstorming invention ideas
  • Work cooperatively in designing and building your invention
  • Prioritize invention ideas and identify the best idea to develop
  • Create a flow chart that shows how your invention operates
  • Organize invention test data so that it can be easily analyzed
  • Determine if your invention is needed in the market place
  • Research to see if similar inventions have already been developed
  • Develop an invention that will improve the quality of life for consumers