Delegates from the
Great State of Indiana

Mr. Behrman's 5th Grders - Indianapolis, Indiana
Ms. Bluubaum's 4th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Bush's 5th Graders - Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. Connor's 6th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Donovan's 5th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Duffey's 6th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Mr. Frederick's 8th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Jackson's 4th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Kelly's 3rd Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Kifer's 4th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Mr. LaPlante's 5th Graders - Indianapolis, Indiana
Ms. LettsHagen's 5th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Mr. Riley's 6th Graders - Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. Rutherford's's 5th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Simpson's 4th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Smith's 8th Graders - Vincennes, Indiana
Ms. Stevenson's 2nd Graders - Vincennes, Indiana

Projected Winner of Indiana Governor's Race: Mitch Daniels

Projected Winner of Indiana Senator's Race: Evan Bayh

Projected Winner of Indiana House Race: John Hostettler

Our class has discovered in the work on the electoral college, that Pres. George W. Bush won the
election in 2000 by 5 electoral votes! The kids were excited about this information. We are in the
throws of planning a campaign. I'm going to try and send the list as an attachment in case any of you
are interested. Also, some pics of the groups at work. If you don't receive them, I'll try again later.
Ms. Lettshagen

"Greetings from the Hoosier State". We are a Fourth grade class of 13, from Vincennes, Indiana. Our Teacher is Mrs. Jackson. We are proud of our historical state, and we have several historical sites right here in Vincennes.George Rogers Clark won a big battle here in the Revolutionary War. We are beginning to talk about the election and starting to work on some campaign projects. We are excited about this project!!


Greetings from Mrs. Kifer's class, hailing from the great state of Indiana. We are fourth graders in Vincennes. Vincennes is located in southwest Indiana, near Evansville. William Henry Harrison, who was governor of the Indiana Territory before he became president, lived here. Red Skelton was from Vincennes. The 10 year old Cal Ripkin World Series was held in Vincennes this summer. Our class is small with only 14 students. We are excited about learning about the election and working with other kids during this project.

Hello! My name is Ms. Stevenson and my class and I hail from the historic
city of Vincennes, Indiana. My 17 second graders are anxious to learn
about how we elect a president!

Mrs. Valerie Kelly’s third grade class at Vigo Elementary in Vincennes
check out the Electoral College situation.

Mrs. Blubaum’s fourth grade class are enjoying their study of this
year’s election.

Mrs. Simpson’s students created “voting information” projects highlighting the two candidates based on their CyberConvention research.

Mrs. Simpson’s students displayed their voter information posters for other students to view.

Mrs. Duffey’s classes are following voting trends with bulletin boards
with graphs of each class’s vote for President.

This display includes pictures of President Bush and Senator Kerry,
as well as other charts about the election.

Mrs. Duffey and her students created a map which has all the schools
nationwide participating in the National CyberConvention.

Mrs. Duffey works with her students to add school locations to the
CyberConvention map.

Students add more pins as schools participate in the CyberConvention project.