Delegates from the
Great State of New Jersey

Ms. Archer's 4th & 5th Graders - Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Ms. Bramble's 8th Graders - Williamstown, New Jersey
Ms. Carey's 4th-8th Graders - Brick, New Jersey
Mr. Cross' 5th Graders - Morristown, New Jersey
Ms. Dickinson's 6th Graders - Ridgewood, New Jersey
Mr. Fallon's 11th-12th Graders - Allentown, New Jersey
Mr. Fanning's 6th-8th Graders - Maplewood, New Jersey
Ms. Fuller's 5th Graders - South Orange, New Jersey
Ms. Howard's 6th-8th Graders - Wharton, New Jersey
Ms. Josberger's 4th-6th Graders - Toms River, New Jersey
Mr. Kerr's 8th Graders - Morristown, New Jersey
Mr. Michael's 9th-12th Graders - Wayne, New Jersey
Ms. Picinich's 6th & 7th Graders - South Orange, New Jersey
Ms. Procida's 5th & 6th Graders - Old Tappan, New Jersey
Mr. Ryter's 6th Graders - Ridgewood, New Jersey
Ms. Wright's 5th Graders - Newark, New Jersey


Hi Walter, I thought I would share this with you . My honors class has written puppet shows about the presidential election and voting in general. On Tuesday, October 12, the puppet shows will be presented via video conference to other students in the USA.

We are part of a project through SAXophone as well. This is becoming bigger as we go. I am the facilitator for this video conference and more and more people are contacting my tech teacher , asking to view and/or join. Other schools have also written puppet skits and will also be presenting. We have been very, very busy getting ready and this week we will practice puppet shows till we drop. LOL!

Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me and for all your hard work!

Ms. Bramble
Williamstown, New Jersey