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Washington, D.C.
Volume 11, Issue 2 - September 2008

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The 2008 National Cyber Convention is underway!


This month's topic:

Washington, D.C.

The Presidential Inauguration in January 2009, the city's historic and cultural treasures, upcoming conferences for NSDC, NECC, NCTM, Blackboard, and the National Charter Schools....whatever your reason, there are many incentives to visit our nation's capital, online and in person!

Consider the possibilities for your students.....

Presidential Inaugurations
Primary source documents and streaming video historical analysis from the Library of Congress.

Interactive Mall
Two interactive maps of the National Mall that allows you to research monuments, museums and federal buildings.

Cityscapes Podcasts
Five video podcasts on the Lincoln, Jefferson and World War II memorials, the White House and the Washington Monument.

Fifth Grade Podcasts
Three podcasts of a class trip to DC by 5th graders at San Jose Episcopal Day Jacksonville, Florida.

Historic Neighborhoods of DC
An examination of seventeen neighborhoods that help make up our nation's capital.

DC Street Cams
Live views of Washington streets presented by the District Department of Transportation.

Metrobus & Metrorail Maps
Public transportation maps for greater D.C. to help you and your students decide how to get around the District.

White House
Video tours of the executive mansion led by the first family.

Old Executive Office Building
Built after the Civil War, this impressive edifice sitting near the White House contains a wealth of American history.

The well-known high and low bandwidth tours using panoramic VR images, as well as three online exhibits.

Supreme Court
Images and 360 degree views of the exterior and interior chambers of the nation's highest court.

Library of Congress
A virtual tour as well as an online exhibition on Thomas Jefferson and the inception of the Library of Congress.

National Mall
A National Geographic walking tour plus two efforts to care for "America;s front yard."

Lincoln Memorial
The panoramic view gives viewers the sense they are standing at the top step of the memorial, plus interesting information on the restoration of the interior murals in the mid-90s.

Washington Monument
This view provides a realistic sense of walking to the monument experiencing the wide open space surrounding this towering memorial, as well as an online lesson from the National Park Service.

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin
Designed to help students cut through propaganda and deception that permeates the information they encounter every day. See also Political Fact Check at

Jefferson Memorial
Two homegrown YouTube videos of students walking in and out of the Jefferson Memorial and viewing the interior environment.

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Descriptions, images and panoramic views of this recent addition to Washington's impressive collection of monuments.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
The official homepage and a VR view of the wall on the mall.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
Virtual tour of the newest memorial on the National Mall.

Smithsonian Institution
Virtual walks through the discovering, remembering and imagining exhibits, the official Smithsonian site, plus these buildings:

Holocaust Memorial Museum
Online exhibits from this poignant memorial to this twentieth century atrocity.

L' Enfant Plaza
Two VR-based tours of this bustling location just a block off the National Mall.

Union Station
Just off Capitol Hill, Union Station is a busy center for rail travel, shopping and entertainment.

National Zoo
One of our nation's most revered zoiological parks, including online animal cams.

Kennedy Center
Virtual tour of the national center for the performing arts in our nation's capital plus teaching resources.

Amateur video of the university and shopping district in northwestern D.C.

National Cathedral
QuickTime VR tours of this religious landmark.

Folger Theatre
Virtual tour of the theatre contained within the Folger Shakespeare Library.

National Harbor
A tour of the revitalized waterfront on the Potomac River.

An interactive look at this museum dedicated to news coverage now in D.C.

Ford's Theatre
Virtual tour of the historical location where President Lincoln was assassinated.

This site offers a glimpse at one of the most popular tours in the District.

Iwo Jima Memorial
Hilton offers this panoramic view of this inspiring sculpture just across the Potomac.

Arlington National Cemetery
This 360 degree view of the landscape provides a sense of this inspiring final resting place for our veterans.

Kennedy Tomb
Walkway exhibit at the grave of President Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery.

Reagan National Airport
Web presence of Washington's international airport and streaming video clips of aircraft traffic.

Streaming video of the creation and history of the Pentagon, created by its staff.

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