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Global Warming
Volume 11, Issue 6 - January 2009

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After 200 Million Years, All-Male Future Spells Doom for Reptiles
The London Times shares the story of the tuatara. The gender of tuatara is determined by the temperatures that the embryos are kept at when in the egg. Global warming means the reptiles face the threat of dying out in the wild because of a shortage of females.

An Inconvenient Truth
This official web site for the film of the same name offers a free educational companion to the DVD, a concise discussion of climate change, downloadable files, and a take action section with a calculator of carbon dioxide use and 10 simple tips to make a difference.

Ben and Jerry’s Eco-Mission
Watch the meters and gauges to see if you can make it to the Guster concert with minimum impact on the environment! Also select the Get Informed link to see an interactive map showing the effects of global warming and an Interactive Dorm.

Best Effort Global Warming Trajectories
This free tool from Wolfram compares the number of years needed by the world to firmly decrease carbon emissions and the maximum annual emission reduction effort after that time. You can also download the application for free.

Climate Challenge
The BBC offers this online game where the player acts as the President of the European Union and tries to make decisions that improve global warming by the year 2100. Click on the Open button to launch the game window, view a tutorial and play.

Climate Change
The Environmental Protection Agency hosts this page of information on climate change as presented by the United States government. Aside from U.S. climate policy and actions, be sure to check out the kids’ site at http://epa.gov/climatechange/kids/index.html.

Climate Change Education
This online resource center was built by volunteer docents and interns at California science centers and museums and students, scientists and staff at University of California campuses. Check out “What You Can Do. Class Projects and Topics.”

Conservation Action Network
An extension of the World Wildlife Fund, this page allows you to participate in supporting current efforts to protect endangered species, save rainforests and promote alternative energies to better manage our environmental future.

Daily Earth Temperatures from Satellites
Data provided by the Discover project is available here for examination and comparison. Simply select an altitude along the left-hand side of the page (lower altitudes work best) or select a channel for the dropdown menu to see results.

Discovery of Global Warming
The American Institute of Physics offers this text-heavy, densely-detailed documentation of the discovery of the global warming phenomenon, through a variety of essays and articles going all the way back to the nineteenth century.

Eco Ego
This Flash-based game from Gamesolo.com invites students to manage resources within a tree home and learn the consequences for their actions. Directions and documentation are sparse before playing; let them learn by doing!

Encyclopedia of Earth: Climate Change
http://www.eoearth.org/by/topic/climate change
The Environmental Information Coalition and the National Council for Science and the Environment jointly host this extensive collection of resources on climate change, listed alphabetically in a directory format.

Environment Lesson Plans Theme Page
The Teacher’s Guide offers this extensive list of grade-specified teacher worksheets, lessons, units and projects on air quality, global warming and ozone depletion. See link to separate page on trash and recycling.

Escape to New Zealand
From May 2008, this BBC documentary is available in Windows Media Player, Real Player, and MP3 formats (22 minutes long), discussing how New Zealand is becoming a haven for “environmental refugees” Including a North American couple.

Fight Global Warming
The Environmental Defense Fund offers this look at earth science and public policy, making a compelling case for things we can all do to help. The Calculate Your Personal Impact link allows students to estimate their carbon footprint for themselves and their family.

Four Targeted Environmental Actions for Causes of Global Warming and Pollution
The American Green Cross offers to target air, water, forests and alternative building materials for action in fighting global warming. Links to data and additional information help make its case. A nice, concise single page to launch classroom discussion.

Global Warming
The National Wildlife Federation discusses the impact of global climate change on animal life, including a blog, audio and video links, a Climate Action Center, a report Investing in America's Natural Resources , and a pledge to make a difference.

Global Warming/Climate Change Theme Page
The Community Learning Network has put together this annotated list of resources on climate change, representing views across the spectrum; a great opportunity to promote critical thinking and information literacy.

Global Warming: Early Signs
This excellent resource has been put together by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the World Resources Institute and the World Wildlife Fund, including a section specifically for educators.

Global Warming Facts and Our Future
Presented by the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academies of Science, this site presents the facts on climate change and offers a beginning dialogue with students on how to respond and address global warming.

Global Warming Interactive
Using data resulting from National Science Foundation grant work, this game is like an interactive WebQuest that requires players to work together to help Brazil work towards a better environmental future given a variety of practical factors.

Global Warming Kids
This page offers a wide collection of games on the global warming theme, both those played online and those you can print out and play in the classroom. Many games are suited for elementary ages; also three games for middle school.

Global Warming Lesson
Iowa’s KGAN television station presents this high school lesson designed to give students a working definition of global warming and arguments of both sides and gives suggestions on topics to research and find out more.

Global Warming Lessons
The University of Kansas’ Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements presents these six lessons and units for grades 3 - 9 covering the melting of sea ice and land ice, the resulting changes in sea level, and ozone and temperature data analysis in Antarctica.

Global Warming Prevention
Paul Ward’s Cool Antarctica web site presents this succinct collection of data on warming in the Antarctic, and then offers very specific, practical, everyday steps concerned citizens can take to help prevent further climate changes.

Global Warming Statistics
WNET in New York offers this excellent online lesson plan providing structure and resources for teachers with extensions across the curriculum and step-by-step student organizers including an annotated resource page.

Global Warming Unit
The Michigan State University College of Education and Ameritech put together this five-lesson unit on global warming, including a greenhouse effect visualizer and research and reporting on student findings on the subject.

Global Warming WebQuest
The Marian Koshland Science Museum hosts this WebQuest to introduce students to the concepts of global warming, climate change, and sustainable energy sources; students serve as climate action team members completing tasks over a week’s time.

Global Warming WebQuest
Kidsnetsoft developed this dimly-formatted WebQuest in which students conduct research to learn about global warming using websites, videos and graphs to gather as much information as possible to create a multimedia presentation that takes a stance on global warming.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
This web presence of the IPCC offers a rich collection of data and reports on climate change, more appropriate for secondary students. Of particular pertinence is the fourth assessment of climate change published in 2007.

Issues: Global Warming
The Natural Resources Defense Council has developed this virtual white paper that exposes global warming scientific data and government legislation, and offers a video by actress Kyra Sedgwick on how all of us can help.

Lesson Plan: Global Warming
This high school classroom lesson plan from PBS Now is ready to implement in the classroom, with audio, video and print resources that promote discussion and critical thinking; print out the full lesson in .PDF format.

Logicity is a 3D virtual city with five main activities where players are set the task of reducing their carbon, letting them experience the potential effect that individual actions can have on the planet, even fast forwarding to the year 2066.

Natural Resources Defense Council Multimedia
A nice collection of videos, audio and interactive activities that engage students in thinking further about global climate change and the challenges it presents for the 21st century. Be sure to check out the OnEarth podcasts, as well.

Nature Reports: Climate Change
This nicely formatted site from nature.com offers an array of well-developed resources, including what we've learned about climate change in 2008, NASA launching a new carbon dioxide hunter, and polar bears starving along the Beaufort Sea.

One Planet
This sponsor of environmentally fundraising offers a variety of links on classroom resources. The Inconvenient Truth study guides are still a work in progress. You may even want to check out the compact fluorescent light bulb fundraising kit.

Planet Green Game
Starbucks and Global Green USA collaborated on this site to educate students about climate change while encouraging them to become part of the solution. The game also provides tools and links to advocate for action by elected officials, businesses and community leaders.

Polar Distress
Daniel Glick of Audubon Magazine presents the plight of the polar bear as it faces both global warming and drilling for gas and oil. Be sure to also check out the web exclusive “Closing In” about similar challenges for ribbon seals.

The Problem: Climate Change
The World Wildlife Fund makes a very readable case about the reality of global warming with embedded links and video, and additional content on how to make a difference. The resources page offers news on climate change from around the world.

Research Explorer: Global Climate Change
The Exploratorium presents this excellent collection of data sets and images revealing changes in the atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, and the resulting global impact. A best bet for reliable information in an educationally sound format.

Research Identifies U.S. Climate Change Hot Spots
By the end of the 21st century, Noah Diffenbaugh of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center expects Earth’s climate to have changed, most dramatically in the southwestern states. Listen to the interview online or download the MP3 file.

The Science Behind the Politics
Developed during the recent Presidential election, the Why Files helps students think through what the core environmental issues are that need to be addressed as the next President takes office. Nicely done with quality links for further reading.

Science: Global Warming
The New York Times maintains this collection of articles on the topic, dating back over the last year and covering everything from the U.N. declaration that global warming is “very likely” to the current impact the Obama transition is having on international efforts.

Sierra Club Chapters by State
This quick-loading page allows students to find the Sierra Club chapter in their state or region and learn what is being done locally to advocate for the environment and protect their natural resources.

Top Scientist's Fears for Climate
President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science John Holdren tells the BBC that climate is changing much faster than predicted. This page includes the audio of the interview and an animated explanation of the greenhouse effect.

United Nations: Climate Change
This site is a repository for research and reports issues by the United Nations Environment Program, including an official position publication, the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries initiative, and its recent conference.

United Nations Climate Change Information Kit
Excellent source for information on climate change; the 63 page guide is plainly written in layman’s English, discussing the science of global climate change, potential impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies, and policies.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
This section contains numerous resources on the international treaty to consider what can be done to reduce global warming, as well as the Kyoto Protocol, which has more powerful and legally binding measures.

What Is Global Warming?
National Geographic presents this Shockwave-based examination of global warming and how and why it is happening. This is perhaps the best quality presentation for students you will find online on the subject.

World Without Oil
PBS’ Independent Lens presents this immersion into a world that does not depend on fossil fuels for energy, including ten original teacher lesson plans and a corresponding student independent study module for each.


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