Ms. Snead's Class Map

Hi Walter,

Prior to Christmas, we had an intense study unit on Alaska's climate, Inuit, and animal life.
From there, it was an easy transition into our Iditarod studies -and we have really jumped in with both feet!
So, far, we've read Akiak, a Tale From the Iditarod, Stone Fox, and Balto and the Great Race.
We have just begun to read Gary Paulsen's Dogsong. In addition to the readings and discussions,
we have been doing many-hands on activities, like soap sculptures, a clay panoramic Alaskan Iditarod landscape
(complete with dogsleds), and are in the process of creating an almost life-sized dogsled.
The kids are so interested and involved, that I think they sometimes forget they are in (ew!) school.

Thanks so much for providing this opportunity for so many to participate
and share in such an enriching experience. You're the best!

Ms. Snead

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