Promote Higher-Level Thinking through Online Exploration!

Master the necessary skills to design original Web-based projects custom-made to fit your curriculum! This hands-on five week CoP offers hints, tips, tricks and support in developing your own online project, ready for classroom implementation!

The affordances of the Web allow teachers to break down the barriers of the traditional classroom and bring the world to their students. And we're not just talking the barriers of the four classroom walls; time, space and money all evaporate as impediments to exciting real world applications of what students learn! The key is to match web technologies to the skills and concepts you want to cover. Whether you're looking for an ask the expert experience, a real time or virtual event, or even online collaboration with other classes, online projects will open doors for you and your students!

Create Your Own Online Project provides the tools and guidance to master all the components of a successful online project while offering you the opportunity to bring together the best resources the Web has to offer for your classroom. You will study examples of exemplary projects, consider the possibilities for your own curriculum, and then build your own project one piece at a time, one week at a time. At the course's conclusion you will have completed your very own project that aligns nicely to your state standards!

In this CoP you will work with me to maximize the full potential online projects have to offer you and your students. Join me and acquire tools and skills you will be able to utilize over and over again as you develop additional WebQuests for your classroom!