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"Hi Walter!  I love to receive your email on Sunday morning with the latest D12.  I appreciate the time you put into this publication and the fact that I don't have to verify the information, I can trust that you've done the research and filtered the content appropriately.  Arlington will continue to subscribe to the Digital Dozen for FY 2007!" 

Pat Teske
Arlington Public Schools
Arlington, Virginia


"The Digital Dozen is an incredible collection of awesome websites with thoughtful, useful descriptions related to a specific topic. Walter McKenzie performs an in-depth search to find only the very best that is available to help teachers bring rich content into this instructional program. It is so helpful to have topics that are so intricately woven into the current issues of today. These may be current events, or major events from history, but in all cases are immediately applicable to  the classroom! Bravo!"

Pati Terry
Life-long Educator
Virginia Beach, Virginia


"I find Walter's weekly "best of the web" website reviews and suggestions to be very valuable to me this school year in many curriculum areas. Our district's latest initiative is the Classrooms of the Future project. We are integrating technology into curricululm and daily teaching life. The 1-to-1 Ubiquitious computing article was a valuable tool to use in our planning process. I used more than half of the weekly letters to integrate internet sources into my teaching plans. I used the Logic Puzzles and Games web sites extensively with my high math class for fourth graders this year. I appreciate the timeliness of the articles to as shown by the Olympic sites which I used and shared with my fellow teachers. The D12 is great time saver also as the work is done for you and can inspire further inquiry also. We plan to get a site license next school year! Thanks, Walter!"

Mark Brown
Eden Lake Elementary
Eden Prairie, Minnesota


"I like the organized and topic-specific resources provided in the D12 Newsletter."

Kay Ezzel
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind
St. Augustine, Florida


D12 is THE Internet resource I rely on most for solid, reliable reviews.  Walter's timeliness is great Olympics start and the week before I have 12 GOOD Olympics sites.  The sites I pass along to my fellow faculty members always get positive responses.  This is the most valuable subscription I buy. "

-Lin Hill
Western Albemarle High School
Crozet Virginia


"I am thrilled with the weekly set of websites that I receive. In fact, I look forward to Sunday when they come. You have chosen some wonderful topics and the research that has gone in to finding "the best of the best" means that trusting your judgment has become a "given". The cost of a subscription to the Digital Dozen is miniscule compared to what I have received in an organized, well-thought out, and excellent list of websites each week. Thank you for your efforts - you go far beyond what was paid for. I will definitely subscribe again!"

Judi Wolf
Technology Teaching Concepts
Orange Village, Ohio

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