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Sites recommended on Innovative Teaching possess:

  • Substance - showcase free resources which are of value to K-12 educators; commercial sites may be included if their educational value outweighs the fact that they include ads on their site

  • Pertinence - address the needs and interests of contemporary educators, students and families

  • Originality - offer a unique approach in presenting ideas and information, and in graphics and formatting where appropriate

  • Creativity - promote innovative approaches to teaching, learning and/or technology integration

  • Usefulness - suggest practical, ready to implement ideas and/or offer heplful hints, tips and suggestions for utilizing new pedagogies adn technologies with learners

  • Timeliness - cover current trends, regularly updated; archived and/or dated sites are included if their content continues to be pertinent

  • Depth - present information in sufficient detail or link to additional detailed resources to provide depth in teaching and/or learning

  • Design - demonstrate ease of navigation, have active, appropriate links and contain no content bias with regard to access, gender, race, ethnicity, political ideology or religious preference

  • Disclosure - openly state webmaster, afilliations and philosophy; include citations and credits where appropriate; include most recent date site was updated and copyright date(s) where appropriate

Each site selected meets a combination of these criteria in a unique proportion that deems it valuable for education. All final decisions regarding inclusion on the Innovative Teaching site rest with Walter McKenzie, creator and webmaster.


"How do we know when we have finally become technoconstructivist? I would argue that we never truly arrive; we simply keep working to evolve our instructional practices to more closely approximate the ideal. In short, I continue to aspire to the goal."

-Walter McKenzie


Innovative Teaching
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