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A Surfaquarium Survey Course
Completely online!


Immerse yourself in each of
the nine intelligences ~
one a week over the
ten weeks of the course!

Each week you will experience
the ways a specific intelligence
serves as a pathway
to understanding ~
become a master of all nine!



Since Howard Gardner first introduced his Multiple Intelligences theory, educators have been grappling with its implications. Gardner himself does not presume to superimpose his model on teaching and learning, but rather defers to educators as the experts who can best apply his work in the classroom.

In order to make this happen, teachers first need to know the distinguishing characteristics of each of the intelligences. This is important, because in many cases we take an intelligence at face value without truly examining it for its distinct attributes and features. Too often, for example, teachers assume the musical intelligence is merely the introduction of music into a lesson, or that the naturalist intelligence is simply the study of flora and fauna in the curriculum.

If we are going to effectively transform instruction by use of Gardner 's theory, then we must understand it in its basic tenets. To do any less would be to not give it its due as a viable model. Join us in exploring each of the intelligences experientially - one at a time - with the opportunity for reflection, discussion and application in our classrooms. It's an exciting ten weeks online!