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About Surfaquarium Online Courses

Surfaquarium Online Courses are developed and led by veteran online educator Walter McKenzie to meet the needs of today's connected teachers. Designed in a ten week format, each course targets postgraduate professional educators and the experiences, issues and interests they bring to their professional development.

Each course emphasizes collegial collaboration and the creation of a make it and take it final project which can be used immediately in the classroom. Classes are small and affordable: fifty dollars for survey courses and $100 for accredited graduate level classes. Graduate credits are offered through the California State University at Fullerton for an additional $90 per credit hour.

Based in sound adult learning theory, each course engages learners in constructing new understandings of how technology can enrich and extend instruction. Participants are challenged to dig deeper through higher level questioning and digital resources in the Blackboard course environment. Opportunities for lively discussion and meaningful interaction are further augmented by Walter's weekly online office hours, wherein course participants can meet in real time to further examine the course content.

Course sections must have a minimum of 20 students to run. If a section is postponed or cancelled, you have the option of registering for a subsequent section or requesting a refund of your registration cost. You may drop a course any time during the first week of class. Once the first week is complete, you may take an incomplete and register for a subsequent section of the course at no extra charge. Once the first week of a class is complete, refunds will not be issued.

With the successful completion of a course you will receive a formal evaluation of your work based on the course rubric, including a personalized narrative evaluation which offers feedback on your course performance and final project. You will also receive a printable certificate of completion which can be used to document your seat hours for the course.

The first step is to consider the course offerings and register. Please join us and take part in the next generation in professional development for educators!