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Core Characteristics:

  • Collective Consciousness the capability to see how something relates to the big picture
  • Collective Values the understanding of classical western values of truth, goodness and beauty
  • Summative Iteration the ability to summarize details into a larger understanding
  • Intuitive Iteration a responsiveness to the intangible qualities of being human, be it responding to the arts, philosophical virtues or religious tenets

Students with a strong existential intelligence:

  • Seek meaningful learning
  • Look for connections across the curriculum
  • Like to synthesize ideas based on their learning
  • Enjoy literature and customs from other cultures
  • Have a strong connection with family and friends
  • Develop a strong identity with their neighborhood and town
  • Express a sense of belonging to a global community
  • Like to get involved with social and political causes
  • Can have a strong commitment to their health and well-being
  • Tend to look at information relative to the context in which it is presented

Support this intelligence in the classroom by:

  • Offering an overview before starting new instruction
  • Considering topics from multiple points of view
  • Relating material to global themes and concepts
  • Integrating your instruction across the curriculum
  • Including the arts in instruction where appropriate
  • Discussing how topics are important to the classroom, school, community or world
  • Bringing in resource people who offer additional perspective on a topic
  • Helping students learn to cohesively summarize what they have learned
  • Allowing students to demonstrate learning by applying understanding in new and different contexts
  • Having students participate in rubric development for performance-based tasks so that they take ownership for their learning

Technologies that stimulate this intelligence:

  • Art replica
  • Planetarium
  • Stage drama
  • Classic literature
  • Classic philosophy
  • Symbols of world religions
  • Virtual communities
  • Virtual art exhibits
  • Virtual field trips
  • MUDs
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Virtual reality
  • Simulations