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Core Characteristics:

  • Ideation – think and remember through internal language
  • Functional Literacy - understand the rules and functions of language
  • Self-Regulation - analyze one's own use of language
  • Adaptation – apply rules of language to new and different contexts
  • Oral Expression –explain and express one's self verbally
  • Written Expression - explain and express one's self in writing

Students with a strong linguistic intelligence:

  • Appreciate the subtleties of grammar and meaning
  • Spell easily
  • Enjoy word games
  • Understand jokes, puns, and riddles
  • Use descriptive language
  • Are good storytellers
  • Internalize new information through lecture and discussion
  • Demonstrate understanding easily through discussion and essay

Support this intelligence in the classroom by:

  • Exploring new vocabulary
  • Learning terms and expressions from other languages
  • Encouraging opportunities for public speaking
  • Incorporating drama into learning
  • Keeping daily journals
  • Promoting opportunities for creative writing
  • Nurturing oral storytelling
  • Including opportunities for expository and narrative writing
  • Utilizing quality children's and young adult literature in the classroom

Technologies that stimulate this intelligence:

  • Textbook
  • Pen/pencil
  • Worksheet
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Word processing
  • Electronic mail
  • Desk top publishing
  • Web-based publishing
  • Keyboard
  • Speech recognition devices
  • Text bridges