Motivate and challenge all your students through this engaging real-time project!
Consider these tasks you can choose to include in your class participation in the project:

  • Examine the role of propoganda in political advertising
  • Develop information literacy skills for considering messages delivered across varied media
  • Report weekly data to the project web site
  • Analyze trends in polling data locally and/or across your home state
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to challenge claims made by candidates
  • Employ higher level questioning techniques in classroom debates
  • Analyze political cartoons for editorial content
  • Graph data in chart and table formats
  • Color code collected data to correspond with candidates or parties
  • Create pins, buttons, posters, banners and other kinds of campaign paraphanlia
  • Conduct polls and surveys in public areas of your school or community
  • Hold a Cyberconvention campaign rally in your classroom
  • Find patterns in election data
  • Identify trends in news stories across your home state
  • Project winners based on patterns and trends
  • Allow students to support candidates of their choosing
  • Research issues which are meaningful and significant to students
  • Write persuasive letters on pertinent issues to local, statewide and/or Web-based media
  • Work cooperatively in studying political issues and races
  • Interact with local elected officials and members of the media
  • Participate in the National Cyberconvention online the Week of October 26th
  • Sort collected data based on agreed upon criteria
  • Categorize candidates based on their stands on issues
  • Describe the organization of political parties, political conventions and the electoral college
  • Study the history and traditions of major political parties
  • Examine campiagn issues from multiple points of view
  • Explore the needs and expectations for your community and state over the next four years