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Baseball in the Classroom
Volume 7, Issue 2 - September 2004

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It's September and the baseball pennant races are heating up! West coast or east coast, American or National league, there's something for everyone to cheer about as we head down to the last two dozen games of the season. Innovative teachers will want to capture this excitement in their classroom in launching another successful school year. What makes baseball especially conducive to classroom study is its preoccupation with history and statistics. Find a gathering of baseball fans and you'll find a heated discussion about wins, losses, averages and percentages. It's a natural for teaching!

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And now, let's play ball!

Baseball Almanac
This is a great site to reference for stats and facts that will fuel student work with figures. The Fun & Games link includes crossword, jigsaw and word find puzzles which can all be done right online.

Baseball Cards: 1887 - 1914
The Library of Congress offers this impressive collection of early baseball cards, including Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Cy Young, Connie Mack, and Walter Johnson. You can search by keyword, player, team, league, city and card set.

Baseball Classroom
The West Michigan White Caps Baseball Team offers this collection of baseball history and terminology broken down by Math, Science, History and English. Foreign Language is said to be in the works. Lots of good meat for a baseball unit.

Baseball: The Game and Beyond
Ken Conley, Chang Choi, and Joe Giuliani created this 1997 ThinkQuest entry which immerses students in the history, traditions and skills of the game. Turn on the Trivia Tracker to pick up some extra interesting tidbits!

Baseball WebQuest
Marjorie Henderson and her team of gifted educators from the Danville, Illinois School District have put together this collection of tasks and assessment rubrics built around the theme of baseball.

Batter's Up Baseball
This Flash-based game allows students to practice Math facts while playing a hitting simulation. Get an answer right and you move your men around the bases. Get it wrong and you get a strike. Three strikes equals an out.

Guide to Baseball Fiction
Tim Morris of the University of Texas at Arlington offers these quick critiques on everything from adult novels to children's books, from short stories to film. Great perspective on what is myth and reality in a game that celebrates giants and ghosts.

Negro Baseball Leagues
Information about the history of the league, the players, and the teams and lots of stats and trivia will help students appreciate how far baseball and race relations have come over the past 125 years. Best suited for older students.

The Science of Baseball
The Exploratorium showcases this now classic site on the grand old game, using its many facts and foibles to promote critical thinking and generate enthusiasm in the classroom. Check out the Scientific Slugger!

Take Us Out to the Ball Game!
Patricia Knox of the North Canton, Ohio, City Schools has put together this great resource page as well as a link to her Play Ball WebQuest which is based on the links found on her resource page. A nicely contained set of activities!

Talking Baseball
This fun little interactive quiz from National Geographic Explorer Classroom Magazine which gets students thinking about some of the original sayings and slogans which have been borne from the great american pastime.

This Day in Baseball History
Users can search by any date in a calendar year or the entire site by keyword. If you're studying World War II for example, you can bring up significant events that occurred within the context of baseball.


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