ITNs 10th Anniversary: 2007-2008

"A new age demands a new paradigm!"
-Walter McKenzie

Volume 10, Issue 2 - October 2007

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Walter McKenzie
The One and Only Surfaquarium


We are experiencing dry weather conditions around the country.

This month's topic:


Consider the possibilities for your students.....

American Life Histories
BBC World Water Crisis
A Dire Shortage of Water
Documenting America
Drought (ThinkQuest)
Drought Facts
Drought for Kids
Drought Lesson Plan (Grade 8)
Drought Monitor
Drought: The Creeping Disaster
Droughts: Forces of Nature (ThinkQuest)
The Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl of the 1930s
El Niño Online Meteorology Guide
El Niño Theme Page
Forces of Nature (ThinkQuest)
The Hydrology of Drought
Inside the Climatologist's Toolbox
National Drought Mitigation Center
NOAA's La Niña Page
North American Drought: A Paleo Perspective
Online Drought Quiz
Palmer Drought Severity Index
Pictures of Drought
Surviving the Dust Bowl
Temperature Extremes and Drought
Tracking El Niño
USGS Drought Watch
USGS Water Science for Schools
USGS Water Science Map Gallery
The Water Cycle
Water for Kids
The Water Project
Water Shortage History (Florida)
Water Treaty
Water Woes
WaterPartners International
Weedpatch Camp
What is La Niña?
World Water Council

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