"If the only tool you have is a hammer.....
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Election 2004
Volume 6, Issue 9- May 2, 2004

presented by
Walter McKenzie
The One and Only Surfaquarium

It's an election year here in the states, and we're gearing up for another round of media ads, candidate debates and campaigning, sure to try and trump the nail-biter of 2000. Regardless of who is running, national elections are a great opportunity to integrate civics, geography, and current events with language arts, mathematics - even science! Whether you conduct classroom mock elections or use Web resources to scrutinize media coverage, analyze data, and project trends and winners, the weeks of school from late August to early November can be among the most compelling in the Fall of an election year!

Three big announcements:

As a part of the preparation for the Fall election season, I am launching a new Surfaquarium project, the 2004 National Cyber Convention, in which classes from each state are invited to

  • study the presidential and congressional campaign issues and voting trends that are apparent through their state's media,
  • act as virtual delegates, posting their state election predictions to the convention website
  • compare their predications to the actual results on election day!

The project activities will begin right after labor day. If you would like to represent your state, register today!

I am proud to announce the launching of the first online course on the Surfaquarium, Ways of Knowing: Multiple Intelligences and Technology. Based on my first book, Multiple Intelligneces and Instructional Technology: A Manual for Every Mind, I am offering a free beta run of this ten week course from June 6 - August 14, 2004. There are only 30 seats available, and you will receive a printable certificate for forty seat hours upon your successful completion of the class. In return, I'll gain valuable feedback from course participants in preparation for the first accredited version of the course this coming Fall! If you're interested in looking at the syllabus and registering, click here!

Next month is the final issue of the newsletter for this school year, and we're doing it up big with our 2nd annual teachers' summer reading issue! Once again I am inviting each of you to send your recommendations for summer reading, both for pleasure and for professional interest. Last year's June issue on summer reading was extremely well received, somuchso that I wanted to continue the practice again this June. Send your titles with authors and a quick blurb as to why you recommend each book to walter@surfaquarium.com!

I know you'll find useful election resources in this month's issue which will help you plan your Fall 2004 elections unit! Enjoy!

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