ITNs 10th Anniversary: 2007-2008

"A new age demands a new paradigm!"
-Walter McKenzie

Native Americans
Volume 10, Issue 1 - September 2007

presented by
Walter McKenzie
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Welcome to the tenth year of the Innovative Teaching Newsletter!

I hope everyone's school year is off to a great start. This month's topic:

Native Americans

Consider the possibilities for your students.....

American Indian History and Culture
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest
Animal Tribe Totems
Camping With the Sioux
Canku Ota
Chaco Canyon
Choctaw Vision
Circle of Stories
Comanche Lodge
Early North American Cultures
Exploring Maryland's Roots
The First Totem Pole
First Nations Histories
Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States
History of the Cherokee
Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Iroquoian Longhouse
Kumeyaay Nation
Lakota Winter Counts
Language of Native American Baskets From the Weavers' View
Learn About Natve Americans
Marilee's Native Americans Resource
Mythology of North American Indians
Native American Astronomy
Native American Documents Project
Native American Electronic Texts
Native American Fish And Wildlife Society
Native American Lore
Native American Rhymes
Native American Shelters
Native Americans (ThinkQuest)
Native Tech
Native Tribes of the United States and Canada
Oneida Indian Nation - Culture & History
Origins of the Mojave Indians
Plains Indian Tipi
Pre-Contact Housing
PurpleHawk's Next
Raid On Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704
Sacred Texts: Native American
The Seminole Tribe
Southern Native American Pow Wows (ThinkQuest)
Spanish Colonial Horse and the Plains Indian Culture
TimeKeeper: Cultures of the Southwest
Totem Poles: An Exploration
Tribal Directory
What's in a House?

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