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Olympics 2008
Volume 10, Issue 9 - May 2008

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This month's topic:

Olympics 2008

Consider the possibilities for your students.....
All Recipes: Chinese Food
Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum
Art of Chinese Calligraphy
Australian Olympic Team
BBC Schools - Ancient Greece
Beijing Olympic Construction Virtual Tour
Beijing Olympic Game Venues
Beijing Olympics Blog
Beijing Olympics Tickets
Beijing Subway Map
Beijing Torch Relay
Beijing 2008 Schedule
Beijing Virtual Tour
Canadian Olympic Committee
CDC Travel Health Tips for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
China Central Television
China Pages
China Today Beijing Games
Chinese Children's Songs
Chinese Embassy
Chinese Olympic Committee
Chinese Tools Beijing 2008
CNN: Nearly 10,000 reported killed by China quake
Discovering China ThinkQuest
Edible Journey Through China ThinkQuest
Flags of Nations in the Olympics
Forbidden City Virtual Tour
Going for the Gold
Gold Medal Olympics Activities!
Great Wall Virtual Tour
How to Make Gold Medals
Human Rights Watch - China
Kaboose Online Sports Games
Mr. Donn's Simulation Unit: the Ancient Greek Olympics
MSNBC: 12,000 children in China now have deadly virus
Nabisco World Sports Games
New York Times Olympics Coverage
Nickelodeon Sports for Kids
Nutrition Science and the Olympics
NPR: China's Only Children Face Great Expectations
Official Web Site of the Olympic Movement
Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Olympic Games
Olympic Games of Ancient Greece
Olympic Museum at Lausanne
Olympic Vacations
Olympics Theme
Olympics through Time
Peoples Daily Online
Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games
Scholastic Electronic Learning: The Olympic Games
Scholastic Olympic Games Research
Science of the Sporting Life
State Department 2008 Olympics Fact Sheet
Summer Olympics Through The Years
The Government of Tibet in Exile
Tiananmen Square Virtual Tour
Tibet the Roof of the World
Time for Kids - China
United States Olympic Committee
Unusual Sports in the Olympics
Visions of China
Xinhua News Agency

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