Multiple Intelligence Connections for this Project

Engage your students through this timeless online research project!

  • Research a President from your home state
  • Write summaries about each phase of his life
  • Retell an amusing anecdote from the President's life
  • Place events in the life of thePresident in chronological order
  • Corroborate facts with at lkeast one independent reference source
  • Include all required elements in your project
  • Create original art work for your project
  • Design a color scheme for your web site
  • Use appropruate graphic design principles in formatting your project
  • Create a story board of your web site layout
  • Scan original art work into digital format
  • Take pictures with a digital camera when appropriate
  • Add sound to your project as appropriate
  • Share popular campaign songs, slogans and cheers of the President
  • Identify redurring trends and patterns in the President's life
  • Select a President whom your class admires
  • Share reasons your state is proud of this President
  • Identify important contributions this President made to our nation
  • Work cooperatively in selecting, researching and building your project
  • Form production groups in which each team member can contribute to the completion of the project
  • Create an interactive activity which visitors to your web site can complete
  • Organize important events in the Presidency to show their relationship to one another
  • Create a timeline of the President's life
  • Categorize the President's accomplishments as foreign or domestic issues
  • Share how this President made a difference in the lives of everyday Americans
  • Discuss the President's philosophy of government
  • Explore this President's legacy to future Presidents


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