Bring your clasroom alive from autumn through winter through this exciting real-time project!
Consider these tasks by intelligence:

  • Share quality children's literature about dogs, dogsledding and survival
  • Learn musher vocabulary
  • Correspond with mushers

  • Develop a strategy for your dog team that includes the number of dogs and provisions you will need and when you will take layovers
  • Conduct experiments which teach concepts of climate, temperature and insulation
  • Measure trail distances and figure elapsed time between checkpoints

  • Create a wall-sized map of the Iditarod trail
  • View images of the aurora borealis
  • Survey Inuit arts and crafts

  • Carve animal figures out of soap
  • Build igloos out of sugar cubes
  • Craft dogsleds out of popsicle sticks

  • Find patterns in musher data
  • Identify trends in how each team is moving along the trail
  • Sing and dance to Iditarod songs, poems and cheers

  • Research how animals are cared for during the race
  • Select a musher to follow during the race
  • Follow your musher's dogteam throughout the race

  • Work cooperatively in following your class's musher selection
  • Share interests and ideas with other classes following the race
  • Send messages to your musher(s) via social media as they progress in the race

  • Sort musher data in order to determine which musher to follow in the race
  • Categorize mushers by home state
  • Track your musher's progress on the class wall map of the trail

  • Study the Great Serum Run of 1925; the tradition behind this race
  • Share stories of heroes who survive on their own in the wilderness
  • Research the totems of the native peoples of the northwest

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