Projects designed to stimulate all the intelligences!

Art & Architecture
Grades K-12
Researched your town's architectural past and created a virtual tour sharing your community's history and heritage!

Build a Better Mousetrap
Grades K-12
Identified, developed and marketed an invention of interest to consumers using simple and complex machines!

Digital Community of Authors
Grades K-8
Learned about the writing process, submitted original writing for feedback, and published final drafts online!

The eIditarod Project
Grades K-8
Studied the race and then selected and followed a dog team across the 1,000+ mile trail online in real time!

National CyberConvention
Grades 3-12
Followed campaign and polling trends and participated in an online convention sharingeach school's voting results!

The Presidents' Project
Grades K-12
Researched an American President and created a web site celebrating his life, accomplishments and home state