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What Can I Expect from Walter?

As a veteran online course facilitator, you can expect Walter to plan for an exceptional learning experience in this course. He has set up the Blackboard course environment to be user-friendly and intuitive. He also regularly updates the course resources to make sure they are current and relevant to your studies.

In addition to planning for a rich course experience, Walter will provide the following during the ten weeks of the class:

  • Daily presence on the course discussion board, promoting interaction among students and facilitating meaningful discussion on the course content.

  • Daily access via email to receive and respond to your ideas, insights and questions.

  • Weekly office hours during which you may discuss the course content, ask for clarification of assignments, and receive assistance in your learning in real time via Blackboard's virtual classroom environment.

  • Guidance and support for your course project as it evolves over the ten weeks of the class.

  • Formative and summative feedback on your progress during the course.

  • A weekly letter which greets and introduces you to the key ideas and tasks for the week.

  • A weekly suggested pacing to help you manage your course work in addition to your other real-world responsibilities.

  • Engaging discussion and probing questioning which promotes deeper understanding of course concepts.

  • Web-based resources which augment the course content.

  • Walter's expertise in integrating multiple intelligences and technology, which enriches and extends the course material.

  • Opportunities for input and feedback in your course experience, including a midterm self-assessment.

  • A detailed end of course rubric evaluation accompanied by a narrative assessment of your work.

  • A printable course certificate indicating your successful completion of the course.