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What Does Walter Expect from Me?

Online courses have lots of great features. Because you are able to participate in an online course any time, any place at your convenience, you can fit the course around your existing real-world schedule. Also, you get to work with educators from around the world who share your interests and enthusiasm for the course topic.

At the same time, being an online learner requires the ability to pace yourself and show initiative in completing assigned tasks. Because the course format emphasizes interaction and discussion, it is important that you keep up with your course work each week as you have time.

Registering for an online course is a commitment every bit as real as a traditional face-to-face course at a local university. While it requires you to make time for class participation and project work, it also affords you a rich, meaningful learning experience unlike any other you have experienced as a postgraduate professional!

Walter's ultimate goal for you is to create a practical, ready-to-use course project, based on your interests and learning experiences in the course.

As a course participant, Walter will expect you to:

  • Complete weekly readings, reflections and assignments

  • Login to the course at least two to three times a week to participate in class discussion and explore online resources.

  • Interact with classmates, responding to their discussion board posts and exchanging ideas and insights.

  • Plan and develop a course project which is meaningful and ready to implement in your work.