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The Presidents' Project now accepts new classes on an open. rolling registration! Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring - whenever your class is ready to research one of our nation's Presidents and create a first class website presenting your findings, you can register and participate! Content of accepted websites will include definitive, accurate information on:

-the terms of the subject's Presidency, his career and accomplishments
-his biographical data and anecdotes (include childhood, education, family)
-the President's home state and attractions (a virtual tour)
-a game, puzzle or extension activity

You are asked to use attractive graphics, which can include both historic and original student art work. A bibliography of cited sources should also be included. You may use the web templates for your Presidents' pages, if you wish.

Your completed project will be posted on the project server where it will be featured on the Hall of the Presidents page. Unfortunately, we have lost many President pages from the past as they were taken off school servers over time, so all final pages submitted to the project are now hosted on the project web site!

Multiple Intelligence Connections for this Project


A suggested pacing for completing the project is:

One Week - create your class's proposed research (outline of plan)

One Month - complete research

Two Weeks - create and collect graphics

One Month - complete first draft of web site

One Week - make revisions and submit final version of web site to project

Click here for the free templates for creating your President pages!


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Incomplete applications can not be considered.

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