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A leader in online
professional development

Connected University
Guide, Chair,
Course Developer
1998 - present
Pepperdine University
Graduate School of Education

Walter has been creating, teaching and leading, postgraduate professional development online since 1998. As a member of the first class of Guides trained for Connected University, he learned to cultivate online learning communities from the ground up, writing courses, leading classes, and becoming the lead trainer of all new faculty at Connected University. As the online institution grew, Walter was named a department chair, and he continued to teach and lead colleagues online.

As part of his certification to be Guide trainer, Walter attained certification as an adjunct for Pepperdine University, a pioneer in online learning for educators. In addition he has written courses for PBS Teacherline and presented at conferences and schools around the nation.

Singularly qualified to develop and lead online courses that meet the needs of today's teachers, Walter now works with educators online. Priced well below online for-profit institutions, these courses are offered to reach educators all over the world, building a virtual community of practice that benefits the entire profession through its work. You are invited to take part in this one-of-a-kind professional development experience!

Comments from past participants on Walter's skills:

"Walter was excellent in leading this class. He offers a perfect example of how a class should be organized on line. I am so thankful that my first experience with an on line course was with him."

"I have taken several courses with Walter; he is very supportive and pushes people to think more! I like his style!"

"Walter offered a higher level of friendliness and personality than I had experienced in previous online courses. He is punctual and available."

"Walter always encouraged and expected our full participation - knowing we were capable of reflecting carefully and expressing clear thoughts."