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Consider these projects created in our Digital Community of Practice:

Deb Marocco developed this unit to introduce and immerse her students in an awareness and understanding of multiple intelligences in action. Developed for 6th graders and easily adaptable.

Meet the Candidates
Karen Kliegman devised this election year project which invites students to participate in the electoral process online. The project includes a link to the actual online WebQuest which included six classes from around the nation.

The MINDs Project
Razali Hassan worked to further develop his MINDs (Multiple Intelligences in Defining, Designing and Developing the learning material for teaching and learning model) project which he is completing for his advanced degree.

Natural Hazards
Amira Abazied constructed this unit to help her preservice teachers learn important geography concepts through each of the intelligences while promoting collaborative, project-based learning and true technology integration.

Parliament and the Minority Government
Jason Lister created this excellent look at minority and majority governments in the Canadian parliament. Created for grades 10 through 12, it utilizes a range of intelligences to help students understand these political dynamics.

The Texas Puzzle
Karen Giesler presents this integrated unit in which students bring their knowledge of Texas regions from social studies and pursue understanding of the ecosystems in each of those regions.

Town Journey
Lois Paul created this study of the four towns which comprise her school's student population, bringing in the five themes of geography and a mapping to a number of the intelligences. Designed for 6th graders and easily adaptable.