Technology mapping to Bloom & Gardner

What's the focus of your software library? Walter

These common-sense categories can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your software library, revealing which paths to learning you already support. Consider this through both Bloom’s taxonomy and Gardner’s intelligences:

Software Categorized by Bloom & Gardner

Of course, the identified intelligences stimulated by any software are dependent upon the context in which an application is used. A tutorial application can be used to stimulate a number of intelligences if it is used in consort with other instructional tasks. Likewise, a productivity tool can be used as minimally as a word processor stimulating the verbal intelligence to show student understanding of vocabulary words at the knowledge level of Bloom. Context is the defining standard in applying Gardner’s work. The categories I have suggested here are meant in general terms only, and can be modified based on your particular media selection and instructional technology practices.

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