Course Overview

MI Immersion: A Survey of Nine Intelligences is a ten week postgraduate professional CoP which immerses each participant in the characteristics and qualities of each of nine intelligences: existential, interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, logical, musical, naturalist, verbal, and visual.

The CoP is built to foster a community of online learners in which each student contributes his or her professional expertise and experience to help build new understandings. Emphasis is on participation in online class discussion and on the final project.

The CoP will use Web-based resources and online and offline experiences to provide an experiential approach to appreciating multiple intelligence theory. All content and resources are contained within the CoP itself; no additional materials are required. Each week students will complete readings, participate in online discussion based on readings and assignments.

Upon successful completionof MI Immersion, each participant will receive a certificate for 40 seat hours of work suitable for professional develop credit with your school district.