The following classes are members of the Digital Community of Authors:

Mr. Ivey's Seventh Graders
Greenfield, Massachusetts
Ms. Dermody's Third through Fifth Graders
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Ms. Krause's Fifth and Sixth Graders
Norwalk, Connecticut
Ms. Roberta's Sixth Graders
Chicago, Illinois
Ms. McCoy's Third through Sixth Graders
Papillion, Nebraska
Ms. Thornton's Fourth Graders
Milledgeville, Georgia
Ms. Stuard's Sixth through Eighth Graders
Lansing, Michigan
Mr. Katz' Sixth through Eighth Graders
Long Island City, New York
Ms. Goldstein's Elementary Students
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Ms. Aitken's Seventh Graders
Mill Bay, British Columbia
Ms. Waterbrook's Seventh Graders
Tucson, Arizona
Ms. Robertson's Seventh Graders
Mississauga , Ontario
Ms. Deem's K through Second Graders
Arvada, Colorado
Ms. Dorr's Seventh and Eighth Graders
Puyallup, Washington
Caleb Belanger
Clearwater, Florida
Mrs. Graham's First through Eighth Graders
Summerville, South Carolina
Ms. Schultz' Second Graders
Clermont, Florida
Ms. Pearson's Fourth Graders
Milledgeville, Georgia
Ms. Turato's Fourth and Sixth Graders
Tampa, Florida
Ms. Goldfein's Seventh Graders
Fairfax, Virginia
Ms. Morrow's FIfth Graders
O'Neill, Nebraska
Ms. Pawlik's Sixth Graders
Newton, North Carolina
Ms. MacKay's Third Graders
Morrisville North Carolina
Ms. Otto's Fifth through Eighth Graders
Lincolnshire, Illinois
Ms. Trotman's Seventh Graders
Portsmouth, Virginia
Ms. Novy's Fourth Graders
Marysville, Washington
Ms. Opdahl's Fourth Graders
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Ms. Jipson's Sixth Graders
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Mr. Kunkel's K through Sixth Graders
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Ms. Richer's Fourth through Sixth Graders
Manhasset, New York
Ms. Myles' Sixth Graders
Sacramento, California
Ethan Huskey
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Ms. Lindsey's Fourth Graders
Longwood, Florida
Ms. Smith's Second Graders
Clermont, Florida
Ms. Howell's Sixth Graders
Norristown, Pennsylvania
Ms. Petrigala's Eighth Graders
Centerville, Ohio
Ms. Ross's Sixth - Eighth Graders
Centerville, Ohio
Ms. Wyachai's Fourth through Eighth Graders
Phuket, Thailand
Ms. Koskosky's Fifth Graders
Longwood, Florida
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