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T3 built on solid Blackboard 6 Infrastructure

The 2006 - 2007 Teaching, Thinking & Technology Institute (T3) is built on the solid backbone of Blackboard 6 with Application Pack 3. A major upgrade from Blackboard 5, T3 benefits from major improvements in functionality developed for Blackboard 6 course sites.

As the flagship product of the Blackboard Academic Suite and the Course Management System (CMS) that put Blackboard on the map, the Blackboard Learning System leads the way. Two other best-of-breed applications, the Blackboard Community System and the Blackboard Content System, seamlessly extend the Blackboard Learning System's capabilities. Commence your e-Learning journey with the Blackboard Learning System or adopt the entire suite.

Flexible, extensible and open, the Blackboard Academic Suite allows T3 to make use of advanced instructional tools, build community, and share world-class educational content.

To learn more about Blackboard 6, point your browser to http://www.blackboard.com/docs/as/bb_academic_suite_brochure_single.pdf.

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