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Travel the universe without ever leaving the classroom!

Learn a practical format for developing dynamic short-term learning experiences which immerse your students in real-world experiences!

Anyone who has been teaching for more than ten years remembers the planning and preparation that was required to create a vicarious learning experience in the classroom prior to Internet technology. Beginning in the summer, you had to research, snail mail and interlibrary loan anything and everything you could get your hands on to help enrich the classroom! With the inception of the Internet in our schools, however, all this has changed; we now have the world at our fingertips! Yes, good planning is still the hallmark of effective teaching - even with web-based resources. But think of the places you can go once you get your class acclimated to working online!

You can create a VFT inside the human body, across our solar system, back in time to a significant moment in history.....you are only limited by your imagination! Once you master the VFT format you can use it over and over again, creating a cache of vibrant learning opportunities that immerse your students in memorable content! Regardless of your grade level or subject area of expertise, you can put the power of the Internet to work in your classroom through this creative cyber-concept!