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Participant Testimonials about the Surfaquarium Digital CoP

"Walter, where do I begin? : ) The CoP has been an uplifting experience for me. I feel truly blessed to have been the lucky winner of the staff in-service you provided here in Alliance. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from my principal and staff concerning the MI in-service. What a fantastically positive way to end our school year. We are so excited to begin the next! The Cop is an invaluable professional resource that I have not yet experienced enough of. The resources provided are user friendly; I am able to access them when I have available free-time! I thank you for the opportunity to continue learning and growing professionally and personally on the Cop. Keep up the great work."
- Laurie G - Nebraska

" When I use the Digital Community of Practice I really get much from it. I have also been reading your blogs and learning so much. You are so far ahead in this field, and having the Digital CoP helps me to better understand."
-Judi W - Ohio

"My first goal in asking to join this course was to just give myself the time to explore the area of MI in more depth.  I have been an MI groupie for years, but felt that there was "more".  And indeed there is. Thanks for a great opportunity, Walter.  You have built an amazing course!"
-Ellen H.S. - Israel

"I am new to online courses.  When I have contributed and have had an "ah ha" moment, I have rushed to the discussion to see what responses I have had.  Walter your responses have been life saving!"
-Andi R. Massachusetts

"I think every teacher in America should take your course!  It's that important!"
-Deb M. - Pennsylvania

"I have been blown away by the efficiency of the course and material covered. I cannot wait to read, learn and share with my colleagues when I return to school. Walter is awesome!"
-Sheryl G. - South Africa

"We here in Egypt admire your effort in conducting this course and we tell you "Keep going." My supervisors respect you very much. They say that you respect your learners, and you deserve all their respect. Your course benefits me a lot in my M.A. work, not only from the weekly readings but also from sharing with classmates. It is the first experience for me to take a course online and it has been a good and successful one."
-Amira A. - Egypt

"This course is well organized, concise and to the point.  Walter has a good online presence. Participants know he is there with them."
-Ellen P. - Nova Scotia

"I like the freedom that an online course gives, being able to work when it is convenient for me, to be able to read other people's thoughts and ideas.  I also like having classmates all over the world!  It is so interesting to get so many different perspectives.   Walter, the subject matter of the course is definitely one that is important for teachers to become aware of.  I don't think that many teachers realize how MI can align their teaching with technology."
-Karen K. New York

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