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Professional development in the information age is no longer a one-size fits all proposition! Help make the most of your professional development opportunities by targeting your needs and interests through the Teaching, Thinking & Technology Institute (T3)! Built-in flexibility with access from anywhere you have an Internet connection, learning and growing just got a lot easier! And the cost of professional development has never been less. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for traditional professional development, T3 gives you first class content for a flat $100 per school year!

The next evolution of my Digital Community of Practice (CoP), the Teaching, Thinking & Technology Institute allows you to get the content your looking for, create make-it-and-take-it products ready to use in the classroom, and even seek out T3 colleagues online as you have interest. Your original T3 work products emphasize technology integration into the curriculum that benefit from my expertise in simplifying and streamlining processes which can be difficult to master on one's own.

All school year you can benefit from access to myself and other members of the T3 community. By joining T3, you can pace yourself as you acquire the professional content you need and take advantage of online interaction at your interest and convenience. T3 can make a difference in your professional growth this year - please join me!